The Best Cheap Vacuums for Buyers on a Budget!

You have ones that have rotating brushes for picking up dirt more efficiently and a belt which controls the engine and the head for cleaning. Newer models are even better, having emergency cutoffs, minimizing the risk of clogging.

Here is a look at the things that you need to look at when choosing a cheap vacuum for yourself.

Suction power – The more suction power your vacuum cleaner has, the better will it clean carpets and rugs. When buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to consider how much suction power you need for your carpet to be completely clean.


For instance, homes that have pets and those located near busy streets will require vacuums with strong suction power. This is because dust particles and pet hair have a way of sticking to the carpet’s fabric making them difficult to remove when strong suction is not used.

The type of carpet fiber – How effectively carpets and rugs would be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner will also depend on the material the carpets and rugs are made of themselves. When the manufacturers have used synthetic fibers, homeowners have the freedom of using as much suction as they want without fear that their carpet will be ruined. Synthetic fibers also allow homeowners to use vacuum cleaners with brisk brushes.

Natural fiber, on the other hand, requires a lot of gentle care. Using brisk bristle brushes and too much suction could cause great damage to the carpet. Although natural fibers like wool outlive the synthetic fibers, they require the most care. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, therefore, you need to consider which types of fiber your carpet is made of.

But what if accidentally, while you are cleaning, the very important belt that controls the main engine breaks off? There is a simple way to replace it. Here’s how it needs to be done!

How To Fix a Vacuum Cleaner Belt?


For fixing a vacuum cleaner belt, you will need some of the following items:1. A screwdriver (could be a flathead or a Philips) 2. A hairbrush 3. A pair of scissors 4. Some pliers

Things to Take Care of When Fixing Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Here are some tips that will ensure a hassle free experience when you are trying to fix a vacuum cleaner belt.

– Do not do this when your vacuum cleaner is still connected to the power source as this can be extremely dangerous.

– If you’re not aware of how to do it, ask for a local engineer or a friend who has experience in these matters to help you out.

– Do not let children do this on their own and supervise anyone doing it since it can be hazardous.- It is recommended to always wear rubber gloves while replacing any part of the cleaner since it can lessen the chance of hazards.

The Basics To Fixing A Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Essentially, what you have to do is get the vacuum cleaner and unplug it, making sure there is no electrical current flowing through it.

Taking Out the Cup


Take out the dust cup and make sure that the vacuum is standing upright. Then, place it on the floor in a horizontal manner. This makes it easier to fix the brush roller.

It’s time to work with the screws

Take out the screwdriver and open it up (unscrew the screws that help in covering the roller. Keep all the screws aside carefully. Remove the roller from its holder and when one of the ends is free, do the same for the other ending of the roller.

Time to work with the vacuum cleaner

You will now be able to take the belt off of the roller and the motor shaft. Clean the brush roll using a hairbrush and rid it of all the hair, dirt and debris stuck to it with the help of a pair of scissors and pliers. Caution is advised since this can also damage the bristles.

Now, take the belt off of the motor shaft and then over the roller as well and also over the seat. Take both the ends of the roller and take it off the motor shaft. This will help in equaling the tension between the two ends. Do not attach the furthest end away to the belt partially and pull the other end tightly. After this, partially attach this end also to the holder. Push in when they are in place, and that should just about do it.

Now all you need to do is carefully put the brush back together along with the cover and screw it shut. Then, pick up the vacuum cleaner, stand it upright and plug it into a wall socket and switch the power on.

You’re done with all that you need to do. Just check the roller – it should work perfectly now. This method almost always resolves the issue and has been a solution to many problems. If it still does not work, then you will have to call a technician and get it looked after since there could be a much more serious issue to it.

Why Would You Want To Fix a Vacuum Belt Yourself?

For one, it is an easy affair once you have become accustomed to how you do it. It could take a little while the first time, but you would be a lot more comfortable fixing it the second time the vacuum belt comes off.

Additionally, this guide is a manufacturer’s guide and almost all the time; the same steps are used in a workshop or at the factory where the products go for replacing. So, before you go spending money to hire a technician, why not try this method while exercising a little caution?

It can save you some money, and many have said that their vacuums have worked wonderfully after following this particular procedure. It is very easy and not a lot of time is consumed, and it fixes the issue in a minute. So now, you know what to do if your vacuum belt breaks – just follow this procedure and you will have success.

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Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your house is time, and money consuming, depending on how big your house is. You need to vacuum, clean the kitchen, wash the dishes, clean mirrors and windows, clean the floors, and not the mention the bathroom. All rooms in your house require cleaning and usually with a different cleaning product.


The cleaning products for window washing differ from products you use to clean the sink and kitchen elements. The bathroom also requires cleaning with another set of different cleaning supplies.

To sum it up cleaning can get very expensive. On a monthly basis, that’s a considerable amount of money spent on cleaning alone.

But, there are ways certain hacks and tips to make it cheaper.

Go Generic

If you have been getting your cleaning supplies by relying on the quality of most advertized and popular brands, you should try changing the cleaning products by choosing the generic ones. You will spend 50% less money just by changing the brand of cleaning products you buy. If you are skeptical about the quality, just read labels on both popular and generic brands and you’ll discover they have basically the same ingredients.

Shop at the Dollar Store

Often, you’ll be able to find satisfactory cleaning products at these stores. The dollar stores might not offer such diversity as bigger stores, when it comes to types, sizes and scents of cleaning products. However, you should try what they offer. If you find a product that you like in terms of quality, and start buying it regularly, that will have a significant effect on your savings. So, it’s worth a try!

Stock up on Sales


You should always look for sales and discounts. There are so many different supermarkets that often give a discount for certain products to attract customers. This is the perfect time to stock up the cleaning supplies you need. In that way, you won’t have to think about cleaning products, at least for a while.

Use Coupons

Coupons are typically offered in certain magazines and newspapers, and at stores. Always look for those as they offer great discounts. You will find good products at acceptable prices.

Another way to buy for less is to find coupons on the web that certain sites offer, and print them out. These also offer considerable lower prices. Some of the popular brands include Scotch and Arm & Hammer.

Online coupon sites that are most well known are RedPlum, SmartSource and Coupons.

Make Your own Cleaners

You can of course make your own cleaning products. This is a great choice, especially if you have certain allergies, want to use less toxic cleaners or you are environmentally conscious. Some of the ingredients best for DIY products include lemon, baking soda, vinegar etc. There are plenty of recipes you can use and these product clean pretty good, but are less aggressive and toxic.


You can change the disposable products for reusable ones. For instance, if you use disposable kitchen papers, you can choose to use clothes that are machine washable. You can also use old pieces of clothing for cleaning the sink, taps, fridge, tables, and more, instead of the disposable products you use specifically for this one-time purpose.


If you are about to throw away an old bed sheet, don’t do it but find another purpose for it. You can use it for cleaning dust, floors, certain appliances and objects in the household. If you noticed that spaces between the tiles in your bathroom are dirty, you can use an old toothbrush for this.

Apply these tips and see how efficient they are when it comes to cleaning. You will keep everything clean for less money spent!